Thursday, April 15, 2010

Khmer New Year(2554)

Kingdom of Cambodia
Nation Religion King
Cambodian Buddhist Center
Invitation Letter
This is an invitation from Cambodian Buddhist Center in Korea
Have pleasure to invite all of you to participate the Cambodia traditional festival
"Chol Chnam Khmer (Khmer New Year) ".
I hope all of you will participate to the festival a lot.

The schedule of ceremony may as follows:
Date: 25th April 2554/2010 (Sunday)
Time: 11:30 a.m starting to do ceremony,
Followers and monks respect the Buddha, Dharma, and Sanga chanting and
Special Dharma- talks and will to play traditional dancing and game.

Citizen physical training square(군포시민체육광장) Keunpo city, Kyeongkido, South Korea(Near Sanpondong Station, Railway4 gate 1),
❖For more information:
​​​ E-mail:
010 -8689-3474, 010-3142-0591, 010-4952-0892,
010-8062-5169, 010-8060-4269, 010-5784-4681,
Thank you.

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