Friday, November 19, 2010

'봉은사 땅밟기' រឿងហួសចិត្ត

Bongeunsa pyeomhwe my Buddhist behavior, netizens "Christians York dameokinda"
តើសាសនាមួយនេះបង្រៀនឪ្យបរិស័ទខ្លួនមានចរិតពាលឬក៏ចរិតត្រួតត្រាអាណានិគម!!!​ គិតតែពីខ្ឡួនឯងយ៉ាងនេះឬ?​ សាសនាដទៃសុទ្ធអន់សុទ្ធតែខ្សោយពិតមែនឬ? បើអ្នកបានយល់នូវអត្ថន័យនៃវីដេអូខាងពិតជាហួសចិត្ត! ត្បិតមានសាសនាបង្រៀនមនុស្សឪ្យធ្វើយ៉ាងនេះ!! សន្តិភាពពិតជាគ្មានទេក្នុងលោកបើមានសកម្មភាពបែបនេះច្រើននោះ!!!!
Some Protestant believers in Buddhism, Buddhism pyeomhwe sachalin Bongeunsa a fact that an action has been revealed widespread controversy. Recently on the Internet 'ten thousand airplane Bongeunsa school leaders praise' was the title of the video showing. 6 minutes 31 seconds of video in the 'Praise the Lord's Fragrance 2000000000000 school leaders' of the Protestant missionary wannabe pyeomhwe Buddhism holds that information. Buddhists in the video, they worship at the Main Hall Bongeunsa gidokgyosik worship their hand on the pillar of the main hall to pray also staged appearance. Also in section three thousand three hundred fifty-five gathered to pray negotiable Bongeunsa I wish there was Christianizing. Participants at the end of testimony by exploring Bongeunsa "useless idols hurts a lot," "the Lord came to believe that clause is in place broke my heart big and magnificent," he said. Another participant, "We stepped in place to fulfill the Lord sent me believe that the country" "the gospel of God on this earth will be restored. We will win, "said the chopper had committed. Their action puts the internet, "revealed a conscious exclusion of Protestant religions," said objections were expressed. ID 'Leonard' and "it made better or have to protect other religions and regions, and undoubtedly have to go to where clauses like that is a symbol that does not make sense to me," he said. ID 'adkid' a "a religion in the land called Oh intolerance to attend a large church is identified with the Christian college students" and "God's teachings to love our neighbors from the start that I do not know why I do not know," he said. ID 'yet' "The church we know recently went to take delivery of coal from the shantytowns and I was very warm because these people insult other people eat better," he lamented.
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Meanwhile, the current real-time video search top accolades in the community, etc. are spreading rapidly. In addition, exposure to video Bongeunsa intact until the visitor's face and name of the situation spread. Some participants in the current search for the name to slander the personal identifiable information are coming malicious comments about cyber-terrorism is concerned.

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